Saturday, October 5, 2013

No Need to Wait on the FCC

It may be disappointing to hear of the news of the FCC shutdown. We had planned on applying for a license to operate a community radio station, but the process involves applying online; however, the FCC website has been shutdown as of October 1, 2013. We all know that the government will become operational again so it seems feasible to persist with our preparations for obtaining that license.

Think of the programming that a community-based station could have:

  • Jazz hour
  • Children-created workshops for Pre-K on up
  • Talk shows to discuss issues
  • Theater hours
  • Spoken Word
  • Local Musicians
  • History Programs
  • Featured shows for local small businesses
  • Features of Community-based organizations
  • etc.
With as much as possible done on a volunteer basis, we could ensure equanimity for all so that the programming remains as free-flowing and creative as possible so that the voices of the community are heard from as broad a perspective as possible as long as general standards are met. My goodness, this could really bring people away from the margins and out front. People could begin to feel valued and really begin to express themselves. We would discover all sorts of hidden potential. It's exciting isn't it?

Again, I say, there's no need to wait on the FCC. We can use the internet to get started right now.

These two websites will be a big help:


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